wedding locations in lombardy

The Villas

Three dream-like villas cherishing the charm of ancient times.

With Dimore del Gusto you will have the best available to you to celebrate the most important days and the special moments
to live in a fairytale timeless atmosphere.

Villa Valenca

wedding location in the Brescia area (Rovato)

Villa Valenca opens up its doors to your most important events.
A path full of trees will lead you to the main entrance of the Villa.
All around it, a huge garden, meticulously landscaped ,
frames an unforgettable portrait.

Ville per matrimoni Monza Brianza

Villa Mattioli

wedding location in the Monza e Brianza area(Lesmo)

Villa Mattioli is for those with a refined palate.
The ample rooms take us back to the atmosphere of the past
and let us discover the seventeenth century park
which is perfect for photographs and for pleasant strolling around.

Villa Martinelli

wedding location in the Bergamo area (Mapello)

It belonged to the renowned tenor Giovanni Martinelli
who was famous world wide at the beginning of the twentieth century,
today Villa Martinelli cherishes the fascination of history
to experience through the elegance of the furniture and of the decor.

Villa Orsini Colonna

We wish to inform you that with effect from 1st January 2019, Villa Orsini Colonna will not be managed by Dimore del Gusto (Villa Mattioli LTD).
Hence activities or events organised in such location from January 2019 will not be attached to us in any way.
For further information, please do no hesitate to contact us: +39 030 7242284

Press release date: 31.05.2018

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