Dimore del Gusto

An exclusive boutique which narrates of the experience, the passion, the ongoing research and the professionalism of Dimore del Gusto.

At Villa Valenca:  Via Don Luigi Bersini, 20  –  25038 Rovato (BS)
Tel.  +39 030 7242284  –  Fax. +39 030 7242240

collezione EMMA

Emma Collection

Crystals, Glasses and China

Transparency, games of light, excellent artisan products
are the typical elements featuring in Emea | Collection crystals, glasses
and China we choose for you.


Maria Collection

Accessories for Best man and Bridesmaids

A selection of accessories for Him and Her of classic but also
contemporary taste. A collection following a modern
elegant canon without excluding originality.


Edoardo Collection

Gastronomy, Wines and Liquors

Wine from our land, food delicacies and precious liquors.
A made in Italy selection
for a special taste
on whatever occasion.


Alessia Collection

Fragrances and Candles

Each scent can generate a memory,
a sweet sensation of a moment past.
We tempt  you  with a timeless product,
home fragrances and refined candles.


Alia Collection

Invitations and Table maps

The harmony of the colours, of the palettes and the styles will complement
your wedding and will be customised following your requirements.


Perla Collection

Ribbons and Customised packaging

The packaging of an item is not just the outside protective layer,
it shows the perfection of what is cherished inside and forms
a refined bond between the event, the product and its packaging.


The care we exercise in selecting the presents for the guests is guaranteed by the quality
of the Italian artisan work of art which is locally produced and certified.
We choose our clients selectively, in ordered for them to feel spoiled and accompanied through the food and wine taste
and the possibility to appreciate our products before purchasing them.
We will respect your requirements and wishes for the packaging perfectly complementing the style of your grand event.


To choose EMEA products means to welcome the unique opportunity of finding our exclusive collections directly in the Villa
with no transportation worries and relying on Dimore del Gusto
to manage orders and punctual delivery meticulously and inconvenience free.
We guarantee the quality of the product which will remain excellent once delivered.

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