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The food of Dimore del Gusto is highlighted by the choice of the raw material,
the careful search for the best ingredients and a bit of creativity and experimentation.

The kitchen is organised and co-ordinated by expert chefs who work hard to produce each course.
The attention for details and the quality of the product will satisfy your demands.

You will be able to taste our tradition revisited in a contemporary manner or our innovation
which results from the combination and contrast of flavours.

In each villa, the restaurant will be busy to create all the courses from scratch
and to meet your dietary requirements
which may include vegetarian, vegan, gluten free but always innovative and delicious recipes.

Our waiting staff is friendly, professional and available for you.

Dimore del Gusto

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Cocktail Bar

From classic to the most original mix, the bar service aim is to delight you with new flavours and sensations.
A small space to add a sparkling note to each moment.

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